We have Carrier and Thermo King cores available.


The part numbers listed are the cores that we may have available. If you are interested in a core, or would like more information, please Contact Us. We will be updating the list as our core bank expands.



Part NumberDescription
12-00214TCM Board
12-00290MicroLink II / MicroLink IIi Keypad
12-00307Ultra Display / Keypad
12-00359Ultra Controller
12-00382Ultra Controller
12-00578Ultra Relay Board
22-01101Mother Board
22-01102Diode Board
22-01453Phoenix Relay Board
22-01588Phoenix Relay Board

*Quantities may be limited. Contact us for pricing and availability.




Part NumberDescription
41-0737uP-IV Relay Board
41-0866Multi-Temp I/O Module
41-2077uP-IV Relay Board
41-2783uP-IV Multi-Temp Relay Board
41-3058uP-IV Relay Board
41-3562uP-IV Multi-Temp Relay Board
41-6889SR2 Multi-Temp Expansion Module
44-7246Cycle Sentry Board w/ Buzzer
44-73904th Gen. Thermostat Relay Board
44-90033 Switch Board
45-13074th Gen. Thermostat
45-13904th Gen. Thermostat
45-14174th Gen. Thermostat
45-1450TG V
45-1524uP-IV Controller
45-1599uP / A+ Controller
45-1600uP-IV Controller
45-1609uP-IV Multi-Temp Controller
45-1610uP-IV Multi-Temp Controller
45-1708uP-T Controller
45-1811Multi-Temp Cab Controller
45-1817uP-D Power Module
45-1860uP-D Controller
45-1862uP-D Controller
45-1910DAS II
45-1996uP-D Controller
45-2013SR2 Controller
45-2194uP-T Controller
45-2300SR2 HMI Controller

*Quantities may be limited. Contact us for pricing and availability.