Our presence is growing.

We are proud to announce completion of the latest, and largest to date, GRASP RRCE Remote Reefer Monitoring System

The installation at STI (San Antonio Terminal International), an SSA terminal, includes 2,348 reefer plugs using RTE’s J-Box (Junction Box) and 236 RRCE-T Hardware Platforms. STI did an excellent job with the installation, the integration with their TOS is also complete and functioning properly.

16 terminals totaling over 9,800 reefer points have installed RTE’s GRASP 3.0/RRCE Remote Reefer Monitoring Systems since the technologies introduction in 2012.

  • Safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Claim reduction
  • Value-added service for customers
  • Data-integration into the decision-making process


Up Next:

  • Four terminals in Mexico, part of the Hutchison group, consisting of 1,256 reefer plugs.
  • MIT Panama, another SSA terminal. System will service 180 plugs in their new reefer area which is completely automated. The terminal currently utilizes a PCT system installed by RTE in 2005 to monitor the rest of their reefer operations.