RTE has developed the most complete and comprehensive reefer monitoring system available on the market.

Increased reefer box traffic is leading to increased operational challenges in the transportation of perishable foods & pharmaceuticals. Increase visibility & stay ahead of regulatory initiatives by governments with RTE’s GRASP™ 3.0 reefer monitoring solutions.

  • 700+ systems worldwide
  • Avoid claims
  • Easily access container history in the event of a claim
  • Increase efficiency in labor & operations
  • Prepare for increased government requirements
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Remote Monitoring Software

GRASP ™ 3.0 is the next generation of monitoring & control software. A powerful & intuitive system that allows the user to download trip records, PTI reefer containers and much more. By using the XML interface, you have the ability to interface with TOSE, 3rd party software or customize your own solution. Our system is available as both Web & Microsoft Applications.

About GRASP™ 3.0

Key Features

About Grasp 3.0
  • System generates accurate connect & disconnect times, reducing the likelihood of a reefer not getting plugged in
  • Information is electronically stored & can be retrieved in the event of a claim
  • Creates labor efficiency, freeing up time for technicians to perform other work
  • Collection & display of operating parameters such as:
    • Temperatures – Return, Supply, Ambient, USDA
    • CA Information – Humidity, Oxygen
    • Power Information – Current, Voltage, Frequency
  • Clear text description of alarms using manufactures code & text
  • Downloads of – Temperatures, Events, Alarms, PTI, USDA logs, etc.
  • Remote control of – Set points, PTI, Defrost, CA, etc.
  • Integration available for TOS System & billing requirements
  • Graphical Bay/Yard view
GRASP™ 3.0 Datasheet

Remote Monitoring Products

GRASP™ 3.0’s modular design allows the flexibility to add combinations of RTE’s; PCT, RRCE™ Family & GRIP™ communication platforms under a common database & MMI

About RRCE™ Family
  • Based on Hardware/Software platforms that provide a common interface to controllers from different manufacturers
  • Allows for multiple transmission methods (Zigbee, GSM, Satellite, WiFi)
  • Ability for real-time monitoring of reefer containers
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Allows for 3rd party integration
  • All hardware platforms are compatible with GRASP™ 3.0






  • Ideal for terminals that have rack systems as well as vessels
  • Up to 10 inputs per unit
  • LAN or WiFi connection
  • Connects to data-port
  • Status LED for visual confirmation
  • IP 66 enclosure
  • Network switchover in case of power loss
  • Easy access for maintenance/board replacement
  • Local wireless monitoring while on board a vessel or terminal
  • Available with GSM/GPS option for over the road monitoring & tracking
  • Installed into existing reefer modem slot
  • Products use 802.15.4
  • Wireless monitoring option for reefer containers
  • Magnetically attaches to the container & connects via the data-port
  • Ideal for 3rd party reefers
  • Requires simple infrastructure
  • Connects to GRASP™ 3.0 via LAN or WiFi
  • Ideal for 3rd party reefers and small Depots
  • LED lights for determining operating status
RRCE-D™ DatasheetRRCE-T™DatasheetRRCE-Z™DatasheetRRCE-PM™DatasheetWRAD™ DatasheetJBOX™ DatasheetJCOM™ Datasheet
About GRIP™ Handheld Device

  • Allows users to manually monitor temperatures, download trip records & operating data from multiple reefer types: Thermo King, Carrier, Daikin & Mitsubishi
  • Can also be used as a stand alone system
  • Compatible with devices that have ARMv4-compatible processors running Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5, or newer operating System
  • When used in conjunction with GRASP ™ 3.0 data is collected via GRIP™ handheld device & synchronized using standard cradle or WiFi
  • Collects operating parameters via reefer Data-port
  • Manually enter temperatures for electronic storage & processing
  • Download temperature & event records
  • Enter header information
  • Change reefer parameters: Set-point, Defrost interval, In-range parameters, Shut down mode
  • Rugged waterproof enclosure
GRIP™ Datasheet
About PCT (Power-line Cable Transmission)

    • Introduced by RTE in 1985
    • Communicates by injecting high frequency signals on the power-line


    • Two-types:
      • Wide-Band – 270KHz
      • Narrow-Band – 55KHz


  • Allows user to monitor the operating condition of the reefer, change the operating parameters & retrieve historical data
PCT Datasheet


System Comparison

RTE customizes reefer monitoring solutions to fit your individual needs. ‘Kits’ include all software & hardware materials necessary to accomplish your monitoring goals


  • Connects via the data-port located on each reefer container

  • Does not require reefer container to have PCT Modem

  • Connects to data-port (WRAD™) or modem-port (RRCE-Z™) on each reefer container

  • Does not require reefer container to have PCT Modem

  • Connects to PCT Modem on reefer container


  • Permanently mounted hardware reducing loss of monitoring equipment

  • Creates dynamic mesh network

  • Minimal equipment installed at each transformer

Best Use of Hardware

  • Large Terminals

  • Reefer Fleets

  • Terminals with a large percentage of modems