Sogester or Sociedade Gestora de Terminais S.A., a joint venture between APM Terminals and the Gestor de Fundos of Angola started running GRASP ™ 3.0, RTE’s Reefer Monitoring System that enables the automatic monitoring and control of all their reefer operation.  Sogester recently enabled Phase 1 of a multi-phase project to monitor various terminals in Luanda, Namibie and Panguila.

“RTE is honored to have been chosen by Sogester to provide our reefer monitoring solution and help them develop as one of the top Terminals in Africa. RTE’s GRASP Reefer Monitoring system allows Sogester to remotely monitor and control their reefer assets, reducing claims and optimizing the safety and efficiency of their reefer operation” said Donald Vinson, RTE’s President.

GRASP ™ 3.0 is the most complete and comprehensive reefer monitoring system available on the market. Powerful & intuitive, it allows the user to not only monitor reefers operations in real time but also control the by remotely doing Downloads, PTIs, Set Point Changes, Defrosts, among other commands. The system also allows to monitor power consumption without the need of any extra hardware and is compatible with all reefer manufacturers.

“Sogester chose GRASP ™ 3.0 system due to all its powerful functionalities, proven reliability and easy integration capabilities. We now can automatically monitor and have control of our reefer operations and we feel that GRASP ™ 3.0 will take to the next level Sogester’s mission of providing first class service to our customers” said Frans Jol, Managing Director of Sogester.