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Our History

Founded in 1981 by Laurence R. Brickner, RTE’s owner & CEO

The company was formed to meet the emerging technological needs of the Refrigerated Shipping Industry. RTE began as the first vendor for the repair & refurbishment of electronic controllers. We have evolved into a high technology computer software & electronic hardware company producing & remanufacturings products for Cold Chain Management, M&R Departments, Fleet Managers, Shipping lines, Terminals/Depots, Trucking companies, Public Transportation etc.

RTE offers the Refrigerated Shipping Industry the most complete and comprehensive line-up of Remote Reefer Monitoring solutions available.

RTE is the world leader in the repair & refurbishment of electronic controllers including: Thermo King and Carrier.

Our Founder & CEO

Laurence R. Brickner was born in Sheboygan Wisconsin on September 19, 1942. He received his BSEE degree from the University of Wyoming in 1965. Larry served his country in The United States Air Force from 1962 to 1969.

He joined the Advanced Systems Development Group of Automatic Electric Laboratories, Northlake Ill. in 1969 and reached the position of Senior Supervisor, CPU Development before accepting an offer with Booz Allen Applied Research, Shrew­sbury New Jersey in 1973.

In 1975 he joined Sea-Land Ser­vices Inc. While with Sea-Land he held various positions includ­ing Director of Bulk, Hazardous, and Perishable Commodities. As Director of Research and Development he participated in the seminal activities for Remote Refrigeration Monitoring and automated handling of containers. In 1981 Larry left SeaLand to found Refrigerated Transport Electronics. He served as President from 1981 to 2005, at which time he relinquished the presidency to the current president, Donald Vinson. This change has allowed Larry to focus more heavily on technical and R&D efforts within RTE, he continues in this capacity today.

About Us

RTE is a family owned & operated company that began in the industry over 30 years ago. Our technicians have, on average, 10+ years experience with RTE. In terms of electronic remanufacturing and remote reefer monitoring, we have been here from the very beginning and will continue to lay new inroads throughout the refrigerated shipping industry. We pride ourselves on customer service and the fact that we QC 100% of the products that leave our door.

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Technological Milestones

1981 – First company to offer electronic remanufacturing
1985 - First company to commercially release a PCT Remote Reefer Monitoring System.
1993 - First company to release a Dual Data Rate PCT system complying with ISO 10368.
2000 - Release of the GRASPNet™ PCT Networking System.
2006 - Release of GRIP™ Data Acquisition Device.
2011-12 - Release of Wireless Reefer Acquisition Device (WRAD™).
2012 - Release of the Networked RRCE-T™ System.
2013 - Release of GRASP™ 3.0 Software