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A revenue-grade power monitoring solution to collecting, managing, and invoicing electrical usage of refrigerated containers.

RRCE-PM™ is part of the Remote Reefer Communication Engine family of products and is based on a hardware/software platform to provide comprehensive power monitoring for refrigerated containers. This system can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with RTE’s Reefer Monitoring System to provide accurate data collection that is calibrated and traceable for a revenue-grade power monitoring solution.

Power Monitoring at Terminal
Energy Usage

System Components

RRCE-PM™ power monitoring components mount directly to each Reefer Plug Distribution Cabinet at or near terminal reefer racks and connect directly to the electrical power lines for accurate metering of electrical flow at each reefer outlet.

  • RTE Power Monitoring Boxes house the 480vac, 3phase power meters and permanently mount to the distribution cabinets. Daisy-chained boxes provide coverage across multiple rows in a single rack.
  • 3Phase Meter Current Transformers (CT) connect directly to the power line for each reefer outlet just downstream of the reefer outlet circuit breaker.
  • RRCE-D Units provide the communication link between each Power Monitoring Box and the GRASP3.0 server.

Parameters Monitored

RRCE-PM™ accurately accounts for power consumption at each reefer or the entire yard.

  • Voltage (Average, AΦ, BΦ, CΦ)
  • Line Voltage (AB, BC, CA, Average Voltage LL)
  • Amps (Total, A, B, C)
  • Watts (Total, A, B, C)
  • VA (Total, A, B, C)
  • VAR (Total, A, B, C)
  • PF (Average, A, B, C)
  • Apparent Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Total Connection Time
  • Power Usage
  • Average On-Peak Cost
  • Average Off-Peak Cost
Power Monitoring Container Report
Power Monitoring Parameters

GRASP™3.0 Powered

GRASP™3.0 software integrates your power monitoring data into any TOS environment, is accessible through multiple user interfaces (UIs), and provides accurate reporting and documentation of individual containers or an entire reefer yard’s power usage.

Increase revenue and provide added value to your customers by offering accurate measurements of electrical usage.