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A hardware/software remote reefer monitoring platform providing real-time monitoring capability across all reefer types.

Our exclusive Remote Reefer Communication Engine with a Distributed network (RRCE-D™) of communication devices, called JCOMMS, affords terminals and vessels a reliable and immediate monitoring solution without the risk of electromagnetic interference from other on-site operating systems.

The RRCE device is the centerpiece of this remote monitoring system and is the collection point for data delivered from each JCOMM™ on the networked reefer rack.

Reliable & Secure
The RRCE-D platform is always on, actively pushing notifications as they occur.  That’s real-time communication.

Very Low Maintenance
RRCE-D requires no battery replacement or maintenance and its modular design allows for easy expansion as reefer throughput increases.

For Terminal or Vessel Operations
The design of the RRCE-D platform works well in both environments to provide hassle-free remote reefer monitoring.

 JCOMM™ devices are mounted in each reefer slot and connect directly to the reefer data port, pushing alerts as they occur.
RRCE™ units create the two-way communication between each JCOMM and the GRASP™3.0 server via LAN, WAN, or WLAN networks.  Up to 64 connections per RRCE.  Add RRCE units for unlimited capacity.
RRCE-D’s communication is powered by our legendary GRASP™3.0 software using XML and JSON interfaces to connect with any TOS or 3rd party software.

All RTE software and hardware technologies combine to offer the most complete reefer monitoring system available.