Refrigerated Transport Electronics (RTE), the world leader in Remote Monitoring Solutions for the Refrigerated Shipping Industry has become a member of the Navis Ready Partnership Program, completing the process of validation for GRASP TM 3.0 Remote Reefer Monitoring System with Navis N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS) which ensures integration between both systems without further modifications.

RTE has always been a pioneer for the Reefer Monitoring Industry for 35 years. In 1985 RTE released the first Commercial Power-Line Cable Transmission (PCT) Remote Reefer Monitoring (RRM) System a breakthrough that will lead later in 1993 to be the first to release the first RRM System complying with the standard ISO 10368 that is still installed nowadays.

In 2012 RTE developed and released GRASPTM 3.0, the most comprehensive Reefer Monitoring Solution available on the market. Installed in more than 50 container terminals worldwide in the last 8 years and monitoring more than 100,000 reefer points, GRASPTM 3.0 increases efficiency in operation, offers safety for workers, a value-added service for customers, claim reduction and data integration into decision-making processes.

Backed-up with a variety of monitoring devices, for fixed infrastructures and wireless environments, for terminals, shipyards and vessels, GRASPTM 3.0 has the flexibility to scale to any project size, providing reefer Temperatures, Alarms and Notifications, Controlled Atmosphere variables and Power Consumption information, also allowing to remotely perform operations like Downloads, PTIs, Defrosts and others through different platforms: Local and Cloud-Based and multiple user interfaces: PC, Web and Mobile.

With the N4 integration, GRASPTM 3.0 can automate the data collection process and send it directly to the TOS, also generate plug/unplug orders for technicians and allow to acknowledge those work orders automatically without any intervention.  “This partnership with Navis will take Reefer Operations to a whole new level, increasing efficiency and adding great value to both systems in terms of data collection, synchronization and visibility of the operation. It also opens the path of more collaboration between RTE and Navis moving forward” said Donald Vinson President of RTE.

Navis Ready partner solutions have been tested in a simulated environment to ensure that specific messages have integrated effectively with a specific version of Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS). Choosing a Navis Ready partner will reduce the risks during project deployment as operators can verify the level of integration achieved along with the supported business process flows in advance.